CSA Season Begins!

Tonight heralded the glorious return of my favorite season: CSA season!

CSAs (also known as farmshares) are a great way to get inexpensive, local veggies and to support our farmers! Each winter we purchase a “share” to provide the farm with funding to prep and plant their crops, then each week in the summer we get a vegetable delivery full of delicious food! Our food comes from the beautiful, certified organic, Stoneledge Farm which has CSA sites all over New York.

The fun part about CSA deliveries (other than the drool-worthy produce) is that it challenges you to try new foods. It’s impossible to get stuck in a rut when a different collection of seasonal tidbits are delivered each week.

Which brings me to my new series about how we fashion our share into a week’s worth of meals for two!

CSA Week OneIn the share this week: bok choy, radishes, green lettuce, chinese cabbage, rhubarb, suehlihung mustard, mizuna, garlic scapes and red leaf lettuce.

Our little bearded dragon loves all these spring greens! I swear he eats twice as much salad when it comes from the farm. Our boy knows quality. Here’s the outline for how we humans plan to use these veggies:

Bok choy – Soba noodle soup with egg and black mushrooms
Radishes – Greens and roots in a fresh side salad with green lettuce
Chinese cabbage – Sauteed with garlic for black bean burritos
Rhubarb – Rhubarb compote over earl grey pancakes for breakfast
Suehlihung mustard – Sauteed greens as a side with pasta
Mizuna – Green omelette with cheddar for breakfast
Garlic scapes – Walnut garlic scape pesto over whole grain linguine
Red leaf lettuce: Nicoise salad with tahini herb dressing

And green lettuce, which we enjoyed tonight in chicken caesar wraps, with Isa’s delicious vegan cashew Caesar recipe from Appetite for Reduction. We’re a little strange in this household, mixing meats with vegan dressings, but they were delicious.

These wraps are stuffed to the brim with veggies!

We’re definitely going to be eating well this summer!

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2 Responses to CSA Season Begins!

  1. Amanad says:

    We get our first CSA of the season tomorrow, I am so excited! And I mix vegan + meat things all the time. I like my favorite scrambled tofu with a side of bacon, thank you very much!

  2. Leah says:

    That’s my kind of breakfast! Happy CSA-ing!

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