Zombie Prom

You may have surmised by now that my partner and I are strange people. We’re both a little bit dark, and can’t help but be drawn to the macabre. We did, in fact, meet on Halloween, so it should come as no surprise that our favorite event of the year was zombie-themed.

If you’ve never been to a zombie walk or prom, here’s the scoop: silly people put on tons of gory makeup and fake blood, then hang out with others in similar attire. The conversation generally goes “grrrr, argh, BRAINS” and there is undead merriment.

Thankfully we have good friends who share our appreciation for playing monster and decided to come to New York Zombie Prom with us. Never one to miss an opportunity for themed finger foods, I went to town with menu planning for our pre-prom prosthetics party.

Brainy baked brie stuffed with apricot pus

Brainy baked brie stuffed with apricot pus

Pumpernickle graveyard with spinach dip

Pumpernickel graveyard with spinach dip


Beet velvet cupcakes with bloody berry filling and plasma drizzle, and lime coconut graveyard cakes

Meringue Bones with Strawberry Dipping Sauce

Meringue Bones with Strawberry Dipping Sauce

Devilled Eyeballs

Deviled Eyeballs

Doug provided the entertainment with a selection of zombie flicks to delight and inspire. Though liquid latex and prosthetic teeth make it difficult to eat, we left for prom with satisfied tummies.

At prom we danced our undead hearts out, posing for photos and having silly fun. There was a zombie pageant and a raffle, then Doug and I were thrilled to, independently, be voted runner-up prom king and queen. What an honor!

We didn’t bring a camera with us for fear of fake blood-related incidents, but you can check out the photos of us at nextMosh and Frank151!

We finished the night watching Gwar spew blood and guts all over the thrashing zombie crowd, then pulling off our grotesque faces at Dos Torros to eat perfect burritos before stumbling home.

What a night!

Check out Doug’s post on the prom with many more photos here! 

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