CSA Week 2

We had a tasty week, munching on all the yummy spring greens from our first week’s share. Some meal highlights:

Vegan Nicoise Salad

Red leaf lettuce starring in vegan nicoise salad.

Soba Noodle Soup

Bok choy in sesame soba noodle soup

And my personal favorite this week:

Garlic Scape Pesto

Walnut, dried tomato and garlic scape pesto over quinoa elbows with fresh mizuna.

In the share this week: red and green lettuce, arugula, bright lights swiss chard, summer spinach, mustard greens, mizuna, chinese cabbage and garlic scapes. Though you can’t tell, Icky is definitely excited about the chard!!

Icky Napping

My meal plan last week changed as the days went on, depending on our energy level, which greens needed to be eaten first and what the weather was doing. It was, however, valuable to have my weekly meal plan as a starting point on busy weeknights so here I go again:

Red lettuce – Hummus and veggie wraps with sprouted quinoa
Green lettuce – Strawberry goat cheese salad
Arugula – Pasta salad with garlic scapes and mizuna
Swiss chard – Chicken wrapped in chard
Summer spinach – Spinach and swiss cheese quiche
Mustard greens – Baked sweet potato with black beans and garlicky greens
Mizuna – Pasta salad with garlic scapes and arugula
Chinese cabbage – Asian stir fry with tofu
Garlic Scapes – Pasta salad with arugula and mizuna

CSA Week 2

What a bounty of greens! I think Icky might have the right idea though, after washing and spinning all those greens I’m ready for a nap!

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3 Responses to CSA Week 2

  1. Nicole says:

    If you get any more swiss chard this is my favourite recipe lately.

    Also, I saw garlic scrapes all over my farmers market last weekend and had no idea what they were. Now you have given me some ideas to try with them!

  2. Leah says:

    Yum! That recipe looks a lot like the black bean burritos we improvised with the chinese cabbage last week, de-lish!

    And grab those garlic scapes while you can! Their season is short and I look forward to it every year!

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