CSA Week 3

Walking to work in the rain yesterday, I thought “How miserable for the person volunteering at the CSA site tonight.” It then dawned on me that I was, in fact, signed up to volunteer outside for three hours in the rain. Good thing I wore my rainboots!

All day I obsessively checked the hourly forecast for any sign that I might escape active thunderstorms from 4:30 to 7:30. No such luck. The moment I got to the site the first shift volunteer took off in a sprint to avoid the obviously imminent storm.

Thankfully the storm didn’t last long. Although the winds were strong and we had a few more sprinkles of rain, the sun did come out to dry us off.

I had forgotten how much I love to volunteer at the site. It reminds me of my days at Food Not Bombs, sharing food with people in the park. It’s so nice to meet like-minded people and chat about veggies that the time really flies by! Surprisingly (to me at least) not everyone is so enthralled with volunteering, as I learned from Nate’s timely posting at Buy the Farm… Share.

I apologize for the poor quality photos, but I had forgotten about volunteering and had only my little phone camera with me!

CSA Site

Doug came to meet me to help clean up and clear out, and by the time we got home we were wiped out. Thankfully I had pre-baked some sweet potatoes which we ate with leftover sauteed mustard greens and seasoned black beans before unpacking the greens and tackling our Monday night chores.

In the share this week:
Summer squash – Thai coconut red curry
Red leaf lettuce – Greek salad with cucumber and feta
Romaine lettuce – Chicken caesar wraps
Escarole – Sauteed escarole, tomato and cannelini beans with fresh oregano
Cucumber – Greek salad with red leaf lettuce, cucumber and feta
Summer Spinach – Saag paneer (recipe inspired by this guest post at Eating Rules by Rashmi Nigam from YumKid)
Arugula – Garlic scape and dried tomato pesto with walnuts and arugula
Garlic scapes – Garlic scape and dried tomato pesto with walnuts and arugula
Oregano – Sauteed escarole, tomato and cannelini beans with fresh oregano (I’ll also dry some for later use)
Swiss Chard – Saag paneer

Salad Spinner

Our (not so) secret weapon.

Last year we quickly learned that a salad spinner is a necessity for farmshare season, even if it does take up a lot of cupboard space. To help our greens last all week, we spend each Monday night washing and spinning all of the greens, then putting them in special reusable produce bags. This makes Monday quite a busy night, but the work definitely pays off during the rest of the week.

We happened to find quite a few stowaways in our share this week, including this little guy who provided almost endless kitty amusement… almost. Unfortunately we couldn’t save him from the paws of doom. Poor spider.

Now I suppose we have more rain to look forward to!

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