CSA Week 8

It’s been that kind of week when you just want to forget the world and curl up with a kitty to watch bad television. You pull out one of your crock pot freezer meals because you have no idea what else is for dinner. You hope there are leftovers from the staff pot luck yesterday so you don’t have to pack a lunch. Let’s just say I’m not as cheery as usual, which is not helped by the fact that Doug’s work schedule (not to mention his sleep schedule) is almost exactly opposite mine these days. One more episode of 16 and Pregnant and my brain might literally turn to mush.

I’ll keep today’s post brief, and hope that later this week I feel a little more inspired to throw together some tasty foods and mouth watering posts!

In the share this week:
Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage - Oil and vinegar coleslaw
Tomatillos – Tomatillo enchiladas
Eggplant – Roasted eggplant curry
Summer Squash – Linguine with summer vegetables and tuna
Slicing Tomatoes - Linguine with summer vegetables and tuna
Red Onions – Oil and vinegar coleslaw and tomatillo enchiladas
Baby Carrots with Greens – Carrots with roasted garlic hummus, steamed carrot greens with sesame
Starbor Kale – Green smoothies and steamed with carrot greens
Green Basil - Linguine with summer vegetables and tuna
Thyme – Dried for later use

I am particularly excited about the tomatillos. I plan to make this tomatillo sauce to make enchiladas with chicken, bell peppers and red onions. Yum!

Let’s hope Doug gets home before I start watching another episode of teens who “forgot” to use contraception…


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