CSA Week 9

Friday night I turned on my laptop and let out a shriek. My computer was *broken* and error messages were piling up higher than the dealer’s deck in a failed game of solitaire.

Immediately I clicked through to repair the issues… and was asked for my credit card to buy the “full version” of the recovery program. Anyone who has encountered a computer error knows the frustration and desperation to just get the darned thing to work again – and it being a Friday night I had little energy to deal with it. I almost gave in, then listened to my spidey senses and decided to try again the next day.

Thankfully in the clear light of morning I thought to google the program on Doug’s computer and discovered that “file recovery” itself was a virus. So I ran “system restore” to fix things and antivirus to clean it up so my computer is now happy as an electronic clam.

Why do I bore you with my computer woes? Because in the process of doing system restore I lost all the yummy pictures from last week, oops! At least I was able to capture these lovely veggies from the share this week:

Tomatoes - Mediterranean salad, tomato sandwiches
Cherry Tomatoes - Pasta primavera
Boothby Blonde Cucumbers - Mediterranean salad
Opal Basil - Mediterranean salad, pasta primavera
Walla Walla Onions - Onion rings with roasted garlic aioli
Purple Peppers - Quinoa stuffed peppers
Green Beans - Summer vegetable fritatta
Bright Lights Swiss Chard - Summer vegetable fritatta
Green Slicing Cucumber - Quick pickles
Okra - Breaded baked okra

The cherry tomatoes and opal basil were the perfect finishing touches for the veggies I had roasted for pasta primavera tonight!

The moral of the story: listen to your spidey senses. And right about now my spidey senses are craving some roasted summer veggies…

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