CSA Week 12

Last week got away from me! We have some big things brewing in our personal lives so I’ve been a little preoccupied lately. Grammy’s Nanaimo bar recipe may have to wait another few days…

Thankfully I did have a chance to make some yummy food this week, including some quinoa tabouleh with mint, parsley, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Since I know I’ll be busy and preoccupied again this week, most of the meals this week will be simple to prepare or can be prepared ahead of time. I’ll make a big pot of marinara sauce one morning while we’re getting ready, so we can throw together quick pasta for dinner. I’ll roast the broccoli in a pan so it’s in the fridge when we’re ready for it. Over the weekend I made a big tub of hummus to dip raw veggies into (which I will pre-slice and keep in the fridge), and I’ll throw okra and spinach in a slow cooker with some coconut milk for an easy curry.

The one non-make-ahead meal I have planned is summer rolls (rice paper rolls). I’m a fan of almost anything wrapped in anything, and rice paper is no exception! I’ll slice up some veggies, add some peanuts, sliced tofu and a splash of lime juice, and encapsulate them in the sheets I found at the grocery store. Add a little peanut sauce for dipping and you’ve got one of my favorite fresh summer meals!

In the share this week:
Tomatoes - marinara sauce
Broccoli – pan-roasted broccoli
Summer Squash - summer rolls (rice paper rolls), marinara sauce
Summer Savory – savory-rubbed pork loin
Onions – marinara sauce
Peppers – summer rolls, hummus and peppers
Spinach – curried spinach and okra
Carrots – summer rolls, hummus and carrots
Okra – curried spinach and okra

All stocked up with beautiful veggies like these, I’m ready to face another busy week!

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