CSA Week 13

Forgive the GIF, but these days I’m feeling a bit like this:

(I <3 kermit!)

Big things are happening in our lives right now, so I hope you’ll forgive my late CSA post this week.

Thankfully we’ve been eating well. The slow cooker is best friend of the busy/crazy/preoccupied, which was the case for us this week!

Farm okra and spinach with coconut milk and spices – yum!

We also beat the heat with some fresh summer rolls:

Ignore the empty plate, we were eager to eat! Shredded summer squash and carrot, marinated baked tofu, bean sprouts and peanuts with lime juice, wrapped in rice paper and dipped in peanut sauce. You can imagine why taking photos was not top priority while waiting to get those in our bellies!

Pick-up this week was on Thursday because of Labor day, and I almost forgot about the veggies! Thankfully Doug surprised me after work to help me carry our loot home.

In the share this week:
Tomatoes – Basil marinara with eggplant parmesan
Butternut Winter Squash – Roasted squash with brown sugar
Eggplant – Basil marinara with eggplant parmesan
Broccoli – Broccoli risotto
Basil – Basil marinara, caprese breakfast sandwiches
Shallots – Broccoli risotto
Red Cabbage – Beet coleslaw
Beets-Chiogga – Beet coleslaw
Hot Peppers – We didn’t take any peppers this week, a friend has been giving us handfuls from her own pepper plant so we now have a wonderful stash of jalapenos and a freezer full of baked cream cheese stuffed ”jalapeno poppers.”

Today is a designated day of rest, and I thankfully have a few days off next week to try to de-kermitize myself. Happy cooking!

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