CSA Week 14

More veggies!?

I’m sure that’s what our “slim” Manhattan apartment fridge is saying with another delivery just a few days after the last. We’ll be in veggie devouring mode making sure none of this glorious bounty goes to waste.

In the share this week:
Tomatoes – Tomato salad
Carnival Winter SquashSquash mac and cheese
Edamame – Snack!
Cabbage – Sauerkraut
Broccoli – Cream of broccoli soup
Opal Basil – Tomato salad
Shallots – Tomato salad
Beets – Roasted beets
Beet Greens – Sauteed beet greens (and lizard treats!)

A few surefire ways to consume veggies in a hurry: soups and salads. Lunch today was leftover beet coleslaw (so pink!) and dill potato salad with a poached egg on top to make it a meal:

We will be soup-ing and salad-ing until our bellies are full and our fridge is ready for next week’s share!

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