Big News!

Was my clue about boiled dinner too vague? What if I was to offer more food clues: clam chowder (the creamy kind), baked beans and Boston cream pie!?

That’s right folks, we’re moving to Boston!

We’ve been planning this kind of move for a while; both Doug and I have been wanting to relocate to Boston. We both love New York but feel we’re done with this city and are looking for a new adventure.

I’m very excited about the new job, which is exactly what I was looking for. Next steps include finding Doug a job and a place for the two of us to live. It’s going to be a busy couple of months – we move December 1st.

But in the meantime we have lots of cooking and eating to do, so let’s talk unprocessed. October Unprocessed, that is.

Every year, Andrew at Eating Rules┬áchallenges people to go the entire month of October without eating any processed foods. I encourage all of you to take the pledge, or at least read his (and his guests’) helpful posts on the subject!

I took the pledge, with a caveat – that I will not allow foods to heighten my stress level this month. With all the preparations we’ll have to make and the trips back and forth to Boston it would be near impossible to be “perfectly unprocessed.” However I don’t think these are reasons not to try, because any little change in the right direction can be powerful.

I was relieved this morning when I looked at my grocery list for next week with a critical eye and found only one thing – pre-made pumpkin ravioli – that would need to be quashed to meet the challenge requirements. I’m happy to say that our diet is unprocessed more often than not. My personal challenge for October is to be more conscious of processed foods and additives, and to find unprocessed alternatives whenever possible!

Challenge yourself to make a change this October! And please bear with me as we launch into preparations to move out of state. Nine weeks to Boston!

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