CSA Week 17

This past week has been a blur, so much so that I almost forgot about our Thursday veggie delivery!

With the big move coming up, our To Do List has reached a ridiculous length. Ranking at the top of that list are finding Doug a job and finding us an apartment… I don’t think I’ll have a good night’s sleep until those (rather important) details are sorted out!

On the more fun side of our busy-ness has been our attempts to see loads of people and accomplish some things from our New York “bucket list.” Last weekend we visited the Ghostbusters’ Firehouse, went for soup dumplings in Chinatown, toured Ripley’s Believe it or Not, and peeked in to the New York Public Library.

Posing for a picture in the dungeon at Ripley's

We’re trying to do all of the things we’re always meaning to do but never got around to while living here.

As for October Unprocessed… I’ve come up with a variation that works for me in this crazy time. I have decided that while grocery shopping I will buy only unprocessed ingredients that can pass the kitchen test, but given our stress level (and our need to clear out our cupboards for the move) I will not restrict our use of ingredients we already have. For the most part this includes condiments and various freezer goodies, but we tend to avoid processed foods in general so I have yet to find any HFCS lurking around!

Have I mentioned how great the CSA is for October Unprocessed? It doesn’t get much more unprocessed than food directly from the farm!

In the share this week:
Siberian kale - Tahini kale salad
Delicata squash - Roasted squash soup
 Leeks - Roasted squash soup
Chard - Sauteed chard
Potatoes - Roasted herbed potatoes
Pumpkin - Roasted squash soup
Parsley - Roasted squash soup
Eggplant - Stuffed eggplant

Once again you can see we’re employing the soup trick to get loads of veggies into our bellies before our new delivery on Monday! It will also make great fuel for our adventures this weekend: a couple’s scavenger hunt and a mini food tour of the East village… yum!

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