CSA Week 18

Week eighteen already!? Where has the time gone?

Thankfully we have a few more weeks to go (six, in fact). Which means we’ll be able to finish out the whole CSA season before uprooting (hehe) to MA. How convenient and delicious!


In the share this week:
Kale – Leek, potato, kale soup
Leeks  - Leek, potato, kale soup
Butternut Squash - Squash, sage and walnut farfalle
Cabbage - Braised cabbage, beet and radish coleslaw
Beets - Beet and radish coleslaw
Sage - Squash, sage and walnut farfalle
Black Radish - Beet and radish coleslaw
Celeriac - Leek, potato, kale soup

Doug and I have a serious case of the sniffles so soup has been our best friend lately. The wonderful thing about fall vegetables is that essentially any combination of them can make a delicious, hearty soup. Bring on the roots!

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