CSA Week 20

It’s that time again!

Only this week I’ll be leaving Doug to wrestle with veggies solo while I head to Boston for a work conference tomorrow. I’m excited about the conference, and to see friends, but it will be a crazy week! There will be 15-16 hours of lecture scheduled per day, and I’m hoping to squeeze in an apartment showing or two while in town. I’m also hoping to do a little meet and greet with some of my soon-to-be coworkers and of course want to spend time with my hosts, two very good friends. I’m tired just thinking about it!

I asked Doug to pick me up some Clif bars as a portable indulgence to fuel my early morning lecture-going for the week. I was super picky about the type of bar that would be suitable, and he came home with these:

Thomas MacDonald

Chocolate mint!? I’m in! Wait a minute, did you catch that?

On the back of the box is an ominous label: “Not recommended for… people sensitive to caffeine.” Eeeeep! Looks like I’ll have just the boost I need to buzzzzzz my way through the conference! Hopefully my toe tapping doesn’t get me into too much trouble!

In the share this week:
 - Spicy green and radish salad
Potatoes - Roasted herbed potatoes
Cabbage - To be determined when I get back…
Parsley - Frozen for soup next week
Collards - Sauteed with garlic
Radish - Spicy green and radish salad
Celeriac - Soup to be determined next week…
Pop Corn - To dry out for two weeks, tempting us…
Garlic - This farm garlic is amazing. We use it in essentially everything!
Gourds - Decoration (we’ll see how that goes over with our pumpkin-crazed kitty…)

Thankfully fall veggies keep well, so Doug won’t be under too much pressure to eat them all without me. Goodness knows I’ll be needing extra veggies when I get back to make up for my week of Clif bars and conference food!

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