Hurricane Sandy

I hope all of you are safe and dry after the big storm!

I was in Boston for a conference last week, and just barely made it back into New York Sunday after my train was canceled. I hopped off a bus and into a cab to the grocery store for provisions. Doug had been left to fend for himself for the week so we were low on supplies. Needless to say the whole thing was a little disorienting.

Both of us were home from work yesterday and I’m off again today. Thankfully the worst we had to contend with was scary noises from things flying around in the wind outside. We were very lucky, millions of others were less so. The kitty has been extra snuggly and we’ve been soaking up every minute of it, being grateful for what we have.

Unlike last year, the farm was relatively unscathed and we’re expecting double shares next week. For this week, I made a giant batch of chicken soup with rice, chopped up some veggies for hummus, and stocked up on crackers and cheese. It’s back to basics while dealing with the aftermath of the storm, we’re both going to be working long hours with tricky commutes since the subways are down.

I’ve been enjoying a couple of unexpected days with nowhere to be, catching up on bad television. I also tried out my new nail art brushes in an attempt to get into the Halloween spirit:

It’s a combo of Halloween nail art I found on the interwebs. You’ll notice that I stuck with a simple pattern for the right hand because I’m definitely not ambidextrous!

I think they’re pretty cute, and they’ll help keep my morale up through crazy overbooked work tomorrow. I hope my patients don’t mind me being a *little* festive!

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