Pantry Clear-Out

There has been progress in our list of things to do before we move – we found an apartment! We are so excited, the new place has everything we were looking for including an amazing kitchen. I can’t wait to have a dishwasher and a full sized fridge, not to mention the extra counter space and double oven!

It is miles away from our current space, and I can’t wait to get cooking in there.

In the four weeks before we move, however, there is much still to be done. I’m trying to clear out as many odds and ends from our cupboards as possible. Today I did away with some bits of flour by making this Italian apple cake.

I had a little bit of gluten free flour mix, whole wheat pastry flour and some arrowroot flour left over, and was able to use all three in the cake. We also had some sad looking apples that needed to be used, so this recipe fit my purpose perfectly! We’ll be eating a lot of odds and ends in the coming weeks, I hope they’re all as tasty as this!

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