CSA Week 22

Things are far from quiet here with finalizing details about our new apartment, sorting out paperwork for my visa, health screening and other paperwork for the new job, packing, and tying up loose ends at my current job. Doug is feeling the pressure with finding a new job, and we’re both getting antsy!

I’m doing my best to take time out and breathe. We have a lot to be grateful for, particularly in light of the ongoing horror of the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. I have no doubt these next few weeks will go by quickly, and I’m excited to start this new adventure.

In times of stress, the importance of food skyrockets for us. Although it takes time, the process of preparing a healthy meal for the two of us and sitting down to eat it together can have a soothing effect. Nutrition is going to help our bodies to get through the next few weeks none the worse for wear.

In the share this week:
Beets - Beet, kale and goat cheese salad
Carrots - Rice noodle stir fry
Brussels Sprouts - Roasted brussels sprouts
Butternut Squash - Black bean, squash and greens tacos
Garlic - Mmmmmmmmm
Sage - Sage roasted potatoes
Bok Choy - Rice noodle stir fry
Potatoes - Sage roasted potatoes
Parsley - Black bean, squash and greens tacos
Kale - Beet, kale and goat cheese salad
Turnips - Rice noodle stir fry
Turnip Greens - Black bean, squash and greens tacos (and lizard food!)

That’s a lotta roots…

Tonight we’re having a green salad and chicken soup with rice that I made in a huge batch and froze last week. After dinner the plan is to relax with my dude, fantasize about leaping into the next chapter of our lives, and breathe.

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