CSA Week 23

We’re at the point in this stressful process of moving where all I want to eat is cheese. I’m doing my best to balance that out with kale salad…

Beet and Kale Salad with Goat Cheese

…with cheese!

I’ve been channeling my anxious energy into kitchen experiments, including these unusual tacos with butternut squash, sage, black beans, caramelized onions and, you guessed it, goat cheese!

Butternut Squash Tacos

In turn, I heated the leftover squash and onions from the tacos along with other various leftovers and cashew cream to eat over pasta for a quick dinner. Yum.

My brother and his lady friend were in town for the weekend, which was a glorious excuse to get out of the house (and to visit the cheese monger)… and yesterday I needed Doug’s help to bring home our CSA veggies along with the leftovers from the lunch my amazing coworkers hosted for me (including Indian food with deep fried paneer!).

In the share this week:
Beets - Beet mashed potatoes
Carrots - Rice noodles with carrots and bok choi
Brussels Sprouts - Steamed sprouts
Kale - Black bean and kale tacos
Garlic - Can’t get enough of this stuff!
Sage - Sage baked sweet potatoes
Bok Choi - Rice noodles with carrots and bok choi
Potatoes - Turnip potato soup, Beet mashed potatoes
Celeriac - Turnip potato soup
Turnips - Turnip potato soup
Turnip Greens - Bulgar with greens
Pop Corn - Snack!

I can’t believe next week will be the very last share!

Today is Doug‘s birthday, so dinner will be 100% comfort food: Bacon-topped mac and cheese with buttery brussels sprouts on the side. So. Much. Cheese.

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