CSA Week 24

It’s the final week of the CSA, and what a fews months it has been!

As a new blogger I’ve found the weekly posts throughout the farm share season to be a great way to form a writing habit. It has forced me to post something even when I don’t feel like it or when I’m overwhelmed with a giant to do list. It’s also helped me to start finding my voice as a blogger, by experimenting and figuring out what feels comfortable. In short, it’s been a great learning experience, though I clearly have a lot more experience to gain!

This Thursday I’m heading up to Toronto to take care of some visa paperwork while Doug gets some extra hours in at work. Talk about holiday spirit! Next week we’ll be packing everything we own into a truck to move to a new state. It’s mind boggling to think about uprooting our lives and starting over in a very different place with new jobs and a new apartment. I’ve been practicing my accent, which should at least get me a few chuckles around Beantown!

Luckily we have one last share to nourish us in our packing mania.

It is currently impossible to take a photo in our apartment without boxes and/or packing supplies in view. Displayed here are some of our color-coded labels!

In the share this week:
Beets - Beet soup
Carrots - Maple glazed carrots
Red Russian Kale - Kale quinoa
Garlic - I’m gonna miss this stuff!
Celeriac - Beet soup
Potatoes - Mashed potatoes and turnips
Turnips - Mashed potatoes and turnips
Turnip greens - Sesame garlic greens
Parsley - Kale quinoa
Dill - Kale quinoa

I’m planning a mini Thanksgiving tomorrow night with a humanely raised chicken, mashed ‘taters, maple glazed carrots, garlicky greens and cranberry sauce. Putting together any type of meal on my last day of work seems like a tall order, but I’ll be making the sides ahead of time and will simply have to pop the chicken in the oven tomorrow. That is, if everything goes according to plan!

Between moving over 200 miles and starting a new job I may take a break from blogging for a short while. I’ll be eager to start posting again in the new year, from my new kitchen, where I can take advantage of my new double oven to bake so many cupcakes!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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