Let’s take a break

I’m sorry for the radio silence.

Actually, scratch that. I’m not sorry. It is necessary.

For the time being.

Since making our big move, life has been one big series of changes and adjustments. The most dramatic of these have had nothing to do with our new jobs, apartment or location.

Moving is an opportunity to reinvent oneself, which is where my energies have been focused as of late. I am finding my new job far more emotionally challenging, and am re-learning how to make and keep friends.I have also re-discovered the cleansing power of sweat (and yoga!) and the glory of simple food.

I’m working on figuring out who I am as an adult, as a partner, as a counselor, as a friend, and as a human being. All of this work leaves little room for figuring out who I am as a blogger. Sorry, but the real world takes priority! (There’s that word again. I’m not really sorry.)

In short, I’m working hard, doing well, and staying (relatively) sane through all of the craziness.

But I’ll be back.

So, sorry.

Or not.

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