Farewell, 2013!

As we take our first steps into 2014, I feel the need to write a little something to sum up our last year. 2013 was a big year for us in a lot of challenging ways, and I’m glad to put it behind us.

Our big move to Boston was in December 2012, but I consider it the start of our year. Our animals took this first move very well, we humans much less so. We seemed to have struggled with everything on moving day, and certainly learned a few things which would come in handy for our second move of the year. By the time we collapsed on the bed in our new apartment, there was a tangible sense of having turned a page in our lives together.

I started my new job a couple of days after the big move, and my family arrived for Christmas just a few weeks later. It was crazy, but exciting. Doug found work managing the chocolate shop not too long after the holidays, and before long we felt ourselves settling into our Massachusetts life.

That first winter was rough, especially with me commuting to satellite clinics via rental cars and rides hitched with new colleagues, and Doug working long hours learning the ropes at the shop. By summer time we were happily able to find a loan company that didn’t mind my Canadian-ness, so June 2013 marked the purchase of my very first car!

By summer time we were heaping on the activities. We went to our good friends’ amazing wedding in NJ, and I spent a long weekend on the Cape with my family. I somehow managed to give half a dozen lectures and grand rounds within a couple of months, which was exciting, and educational, and stressful! I had always wanted to give expert talks to other healthcare providers so I was thrilled to be invited to speak to so many different audiences. Another exciting event from a work perspective was the publication of my first peer-reviewed journal article.

Somewhere in the middle of the summer it became clear that our first Massachusetts apartment was not going to be ours for much longer. We had ongoing trouble with the property management agency, and the proposed 50% rent increase at the end of our nine month lease was untenable. We made the difficult decision to start looking for another apartment, and after a few bumps (ok, blockades) along the road we found a lovely place in a much more happening neighborhood.

This fall Doug celebrated his big 4-0 by having loads of friends over for barbeque, poker and whiskey. It felt great to host, and I hope to do more of that in the coming year!

Looking back on the year I am very grateful for so many things. I have grown leaps and bounds professionally with my more challenging patient base and higher risk case load. I have been thrilled with the opportunity to lecture (guess I did get the teaching bug after all, mom and dad!), and have been empowered to make meaningful changes. I am also grateful for the friendships I’ve developed at work and at home despite having transplanted myself here just 13 months ago. I’m grateful for our new apartment where we hope to stay for a few years at least, and for our neighborhood welcoming us open arms. I am so thankful for the amazing steadiness Doug has shown throughout this tumultuous year, and for his endurance of a stressful job to help us get back on our feet.

At the beginning of 2013 I set up a list of 101 things to do in the year, as a more fun and productive alternative to traditional “resolutions.” I managed to accomplish about half of them, very impressive considering the number of big projects I accomplished that weren’t on the list! Looking back I can’t imagine how we could have gotten more out of this year.

For the coming year, I’ve decided to use a similar format, but linking each thing on the list back to a bigger goal or plan for my life. The categories are pretty broad (ie. house, friends, work, money, etc.) but I find they give me a nice structure to build my year around. I have 60 on my list so far, and it’s shaping up to be a great year!

I’m not sure yet where or if blogging fits into my plan, but if it does you’ll all be the first to know… Here’s to hoping 2014 is a little less eventful, but no less fun!


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  1. Mom says:

    Very good to reflect on your year & set goals for the next. All the best!
    Love, Mom.

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